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Dearest Readers,

My humblest apologies once again for my prolonged absence. For the last three weeks I have set to finding the truths embodied in the text which I purvey to you monthly. Seeing the revelations over the last several chapters has opened my eyes and mind to new possibilities that can only be defined by Cavan. His perspective on his world will better explain what my poor typing fingers find awkward to proclaim.

In the spirit of this, I have decided today to share with you Cavan’s musing on a curious structure he found while walking through the streets of Providence in 1918. Armed with his pens and watercolors, he lovingly recorded the sunrise behind the edifice that intrigued him.

Yours in Art,

Jason Robert LeClair

The curious structure of war

I found, walking in the sunrise of a day that my surroundings always look different. Passing through the streets of this, my adopted new home, I have found a curious structure. It houses the arts of war behind large ornate black iron gates and looks for all the world like a medieval castle. It is one of the Empire’s many Armouries. Here in North York Province, there are several along the coastal and industrial cities. This one has little life from the outside, and articles of death within. Soldiers awaiting dispersion to a land they have only heard of. Young men filled with trepidation at the though of bullets, bombs, mustard gas, trenches and a thousand other things to fear. Many men have launched from this very armoury. Hundreds never seen againsent forth in the name of the Empire and the King to defend an ideal.

Here I stand watching a red sum peek from behind the mass of potential energy that looms over the street next to it like a bastion and a curse. To think, all of this started because one man, my father, decided to ask too many questions about the world. I blame whoever sent that accursed package to him 20 years ago. They singlehandedly caused all of this turmoil the world wide by piquing the curiosity of a scientist who would not rest until he uncovered the truth.

Now I find myself struggling with whether I want to know the truth.

Dearest Readers,

I find that I am becoming quite excited about the upcoming few months releases. Why? Well, I would not want to spoil the story or the intrigue, so I won’t. I will say this, the ensuing set of chapters brings us onto another level of understanding. Not of Cavan, but of his father and the pursuits toward discovery.

As experimentation and discovery are fraught with births of ideas and concepts, one must assume that the births are not always clean and predictable. You will find, as I’ve found, that the complex nature of Cavan’s story is about to take a turn toward his personal discovery through his father’s own struggle years before Cavan was even born.

Just as the discovery of Cavan’s journal has brought me much light to his tale, so Dr. Anstruther’s journal will spread enlightenment to Cavan, his companions, and us.

Enjoy, my dearest readers,

Jason Robert LeClair