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Dearest Readers,

Much like Cavan, I have had a prolonged absence from you. for the last month, I have been reading Cavan’s reports of his adventures leading to fabulous discovery. Much of the story recounts how he, no I mustn’t spoil it for you. I suppose that the most intriguing section (or one of) Cavan’s journal has to be his recounting of being lost in the world of his mind for four days.

After his unfortunate accident in the wine cellar, he spent days passed out with only fleeting moments of lucidity. The following is an account of some of this.

Yours in art,

Jason Robert LeClair

I see a lizard peering into my eye. It looks peaceful but carries claws as if something fierce lies beneath the surface of the calm. It is like looking at a sea from upsideĀ  down; the tempest can be flowing atop while beneath there is calm and peace. So the lizard in my dream was – looking at me blinking with a transparent eyelid so as not to be swayed from its gaze. The teeth never exposed themselves but I knew they were there. The claws shone black and shining in the light that came from all around the creature.

It was small, no bigger than my hand, but my hand could not reach it. My hand was stopped only centimeters from the creature every time I reached out to block its gaze.

Suddenly it moved, leaping into my arm, but not. It hovered as if walking along a surface of glass above my arm. A few centimeters separated us. It crawled and leaped along the length of my arm to my shoulder. Passing over to my ear I was paralyzed as it began to whisper, “Open your mind and allow for the truth to come in.”

It repeated this phrase as it began to crawl from my ear to my face, staring at me.

I have no worldly clue as to what this all meant, but it came and went in the blink of an eye as I dozed from one world to the next in my own mind trying to regain a hold on reality.