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Dearest Readers,

Cavan’s journal is full of musings and personal conflicts. Not surprising considering his past and his father’s absence. The portion of this young man’s life that is most upsetting to him, however is not the loss or yearning for his father, but the constant reminders and clues that he may yet be alive.

Yours in art,

Jason Robert LeClair

Why is it that I am to be tortured throughout this time? Every step I take is only leading backward toward Father. He has left a trail of clues more enigmatic than the sphinx’s riddles. It seems as though there has been too much planned ahead, too much pre-conceived that I must or will follow his path. I don’t wish to, I have no need to. I am establishing my life here, my life as an artist. I am no scientist or adventurer.

There is too much pressure from this ghost who left me ten years ago. I even have trouble calling him “father” since I have seen him for less than half of my young life. I am strangely drawn to his life, though. I can’t help but take the curiosity in my soul and wish to run away and follow his insanity. Dr. Wallace’s revelation has brought even more to the forefront of how real all of this is. It can’t be possible, but there it is, in concrete an example as is possible. The undisputed truth that father was right.

What am I to do? I have no where to turn.