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Dearest Readers,

Our trio of travelers has found themselves in a predicament. Aboard the Soldner flying silently above the rest of the world, the freedom of the birds around them is viewed with envy. Like the fairy in Captain Trampero’s cage, Cavan, Sonia and Jules flitter about the room they are being kept in – restless.

Cavan cannot even bring himself to draw, he merely writes in melancholy fashion.

– Jason Robert LeClair


On board this floating air prison, I see only dark masses of cloud outside the windows and wonder what will become of us. My love for Sonia is beginning to grow and has so much further, I’m sure of it. This black cloud over me has dragged us all in to unspeakable danger, I fear. This pursuit of my lost past and my father is seeming less and less vital as I compromise the safety of my friends and myself. This is too much.

I hadn’t realized that there was such an enmity toward my father. I knew there was controversy, but actually being out in the world and having his name slandered in the streets and pulpits of a country I never dreamed to be in, I finally see the reach of one man’s idea. The world is out to get us now, because we have become the embodiment of him.