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Found in Cavan’s Journal –

I have need to look again at the picture my father had drawn of the mummy. I just am having the hardest time believing the stories in his journal and the fact that these, these “Harcos” exist. I am starting to think he was mad. This is so insane. Fairies with not only the power to make tools, but kill a man. Now, he claims they have language and culture. I want to believe in my father, but this just seems all too ludicrous.

That’s why I need another look at the picture he’s drawn. If there’s one thing I know about my father – he never falsified his art. His realism was faultless.

Found written in the back of Cavan’s Journal:


I have not slept these last two nights in the jungle. The lack of sound is unnerving. I’m not sure whether I am more worried we will never find what Father found, or that we WILL find it. These stories of his, a civilization apart and secret from the rest of the world. I am having trouble believing in it. They seem too real, however to be ignored. I wish I could come to grips with this doubt. For the sake of my friends and my own sleep, I wish I would stop thinking. The silence is one thing, but being left with nothing but my thoughts on the ground staring into space is true torture.

Again I try and muster a prayer to a god I don’t believe in, just on the off chance Father was wrong about that too.