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Well, Dearest Readers,

I know you’re all waiting for book two with bated breath, but tonight I looked at my clock and into my brain deciding that now, at four minutes to midnight, is not the right time to compose a novel. If you’re wondering just how far I am at this point, my estimate is somewhere around one sixth of the way done if this book turns out to be the same word count as the last one.

There has been a delightful glitch to all of this work, a birth. Rather, a rebirth. My lovely and adored wife reminded me of a story I began two years ago and tabled in favor of Broken Silences. I reviewed the synopsis that I had composed and realized while the iron of my brain was hot, I must strike.

No worries, book two will not suffer. In fact, as I write, I find I am ever increasing my abilities in the medium. Like all of the art I generate, the more I do, the more I learn. Practice may not make perfect, but it certainly does make better. So, as I create more works and characters, I hope you’ll be patient. It will be worth it.

I promise. As always, I am,

Yours in Art,


Dearest Readers,

Well, it seems as if I am taking the show on the road, so to speak. On April 13 -15 you can find me at the Florida Steampunk Exhibition East! Come and join all of the steampunk adventure including a concert by Abney Park. We’ll be immersed in steampunk culture from every angle for three days in Daytona Beach at the Daytona Beach Resort.

I am more than excited to be involved in this event. It would seem that there is a large contingent of steampunk culture in the sunshine state. Broken Silences is, of course, an altered history in what would be the late Victorian era. I have included a few gadgets: The Huntington O.R.B. and the Huntington Electro-chemical Tranquilizer as well as a fair share of airships. One of the things I am most looking forward to (apart from getting out of the New England weather) is meeting so many people interested in neo-Victorian and Steampunk all in one place.

It seems as though Steampunk and Teslapunk (one of my personal favorite offshoots) are hanging on the fringes of other subcultures. We attend gamer cons, comic cons, ren faires, etc. as a sub category. That is why I am so very enthralled by the idea of an entire contingent of the Steam community to band together and create a series (three in total) of conferences for Steampunk enthusiasts in Florida.

In the UK and in Massachusetts, there are days and large scale events centered around museums, the perfect setting for altered history in my mind other than a library. But for a state as large as Florida to attempt solidifying this wonderfully creative group of people into a culture of its own and not on the fringe, it makes my artistic little heart tick. Kudos to the Florida Steampunk Society for all of their efforts. on faceboook at

For those of you that can join us, I’ll be signing books, selling and signing prints of Broken Silences artwork, and I may even have a few sneak snippets into the next book…

I’ll see you in Daytona. As always, I am,

Yours in Art,

Jason Robert LeClair