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e·phem·er·al [ih-fem-er-uhl]


1. lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory

There are times I become reflective and concern myself with the temporal nature of human existence. We are all a flash in the collective light of eternity. What makes us so different from the multitude of species that have walked this universe prior to us? I would propose it is our very ability to ask that question.

I have asked that question for as long as I can remember. It was at age six that I began to wonder what this vessel of life that was me really meant. The precipitating event to spawn this in a first grader was the death of my grandfather. Something began in me that questioned the premise that I am nothing more than my name. The label that was attached to me, my name, was not ME. Like any person discovering person-hood, I set out to discover the basis of what makes humanity different from the rest of creation.

Raised Roman Catholic, there are a set of definitions that don’t always agree to describe the human condition. My grandfather, a Roman Catholic Deacon who was considered in high regard, lived his life with a few dreams, a keen understanding of his purpose, and a respect for something larger than himself. I knew him very vaguely, but I miss him to this day. Dying at 54 from a heart attack after a battle with other diseases, I often wonder what he would think of what I have become. This brings me to the next level of self-realizing cognitive questioning – the afterlife.

Einstein believed in the afterlife in respect to the fact that energy, once created, can never disappear, only change form. I wonder where the myriad of people that I have watched die or know to have passed have gone. The reason I wonder this is that after more than thirty years of contemplation on the subject, I’ve become more and more convinced that our true selves lie in the firing of the electrical impulses within our brains that generate the energy we place into our lives events. So where does that energy go? More than 6,000,000,000 people inhabit this globe at this moment. What of the countless that came before? Where is their energy? Some believe it flows back into other beings and even plants. Others hold fast to a structure of hierarchical planes of existence to which the energy or ‘soul’ will enter after the current mortal coil is shoved off. East or west, humans have believed in energy transfer (just under differing names).

We are truly all attached in some method. My existence is purposeful and valuable to the wider spread of energy. The pursuit of knowledge and the like is always superseded in mythos and religion by one thing – positive thought and actions. Being positive, sharing the energy of kindness and good nature toward fellow beings is the core of all major faiths on this planet. That is no coincidence. We all live on this plane at this moment. The connectivity of humanity is irrefutable if you look at the core of all major faiths – Love self, love others, take care of the earth. This is what assures me in my faith. My faith in humanity and that there is a higher power, even if that higher power is simply an amalgamation of all of the energy of every being the universe has ever seen fit to generate.

Perhaps the greatest portion of being a writer, particularly a fiction writer is the ability to create the energy for a being that never existed in a physical plane. If they did and channeled here through a writer, so much the better. I adore creating worlds and planes of existence for my readers and I hope they enjoy it as well.

May my grandfather and all those before me rejoice in the plane that they now exist upon. I will do my best to hold down the fort in this one by making my own planes and energetic characters to carry humans through the greatest of all planes of existence and by far the most ephemeral – imagination!

Yours in Art,