I can't sleep, all I can think of is her

I am having trouble sleeping tonight. You would think that it is because of the incident in my dining room, the appearance of my godfather at my home, or maybe finding out what that blasted puzzle box was for. It is none of these. I simply can’t get the thought of the beauty I met this evening out of my head. Sonia is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. But it is not just her face, there’s something about her, something genuine on the inside. A need to seek out the best in those she sees as kindred. I am glad she’s counted me among that number.

No matter how hard I seem to try and sleep, her face surges back into my mind’s eye, so I had to draw her thinking I may expel the image to the paper and evacuate the pleasurable sight encased in my temple. No such thing was possible. It merely solidified how take n aback I am by her. The fact that I recall such detail forĀ  a woman I’ve known merely hours is baffling. I feel as though the fates are again playing some twisted game with me. This game, however, I’ll gladly play. The sport of love is something I never thought I would have the opportunity for.

The game’s afoot as has been said. I am ready but for now, I need to sleep and find a way to sift the information and turns my life seems to be taking.

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