Dearest Readers,

Cavan, although a well kept young man did have frequent bouts of meandering thought. I suppose it is the artistic side of him taking over from time to time in the logical edge of his brain. I have and will incorporate sketches from Cavan with his random musings in this blog from time to time. The following is one such entry I have found of an odd significance to his personal struggle.

Yours in art as I humbly report and record,

Jason Robert LeClair

A female fairy hunting

As I sit and draw, the feeding of these creatures reminds me of the lack of humanity within them. I see a female attacking on a day lily a rather large beetle. I wonder when her survival instincts take over her primitive mind and shut down the remotest piece of humanity. She must hunt, she must kill, she must mate, she must sleep, she must think. Or must she? I find it so improbable that these beings, these insects can look so like us and attack with lust and hunger a lower creature with such violence. They are made to kill, created to hunt and because we find ourselves larger, are we any better?

We hunt, we kill, we allow for the primal instincts to take hold as we devour both literally and figuratively the world around us. We must eat, we must mate, we must keep the species alive. Other than thought, which shuts down for survival, what and how do we really differ? I find myself struggling with this more and more as I study philosophy, art. and live day after day surrounded by my father’s legacy.

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