Dearest Readers,

I find that I am becoming quite excited about the upcoming few months releases. Why? Well, I would not want to spoil the story or the intrigue, so I won’t. I will say this, the ensuing set of chapters brings us onto another level of understanding. Not of Cavan, but of his father and the pursuits toward discovery.

As experimentation and discovery are fraught with births of ideas and concepts, one must assume that the births are not always clean and predictable. You will find, as I’ve found, that the complex nature of Cavan’s story is about to take a turn toward his personal discovery through his father’s own struggle years before Cavan was even born.

Just as the discovery of Cavan’s journal has brought me much light to his tale, so Dr. Anstruther’s journal will spread enlightenment to Cavan, his companions, and us.

Enjoy, my dearest readers,

Jason Robert LeClair

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