A copy of Father's image of the old haitian storyteller

As I sat in the cabin perusing father’s journal, I caught sight of some of his sketches of the people he encountered along his trip that I now follow. The story of Les Fee Nuit was not the only thing that intrigued Father. The woman who told him the tale seemed to be character enough for him to record her in his journal. I’ve done a master study of his drawing here because, like him, it intrigued me. I suppose it is the genuine fear she has in her eyes over what these creatures can do. I wonder if the “stealing of souls” actually occurs or it is a myth these people create to explain things that science has not yet taught them. I have heard that in the backwater portions of the southern empire there are myths and fables still that people hold true. massive creatures with powers to destroy a human in seconds. Fairies who come in the night and steal children. All of this is poppycock! I wonder though, why father thought this woman believable enough to bother recording her story and her likeness?

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