Dearest Readers,

“I have of late lost all my mirth.” Not entirely, but certainly I have been less enthused about my individual work than normal. The rigors of my career have caused me to not have the leisure time I so desperately seek to do my writing and sketching. I find that as much as I adore my chosen vocation, the problem lies in that I am spreading myself artistically parchment thin.

Upon speaking with a colleague, she stated, “Knowing you, you’ve got lots of pokers in the fire.”

I responded with, “At this point there are more pokers than coals.”

Although she thought I was joking and we shared a chuckle (mine loaded and forced), I could not have been more serious. Going on the metaphorical, I do not have a lot on my plate, as much as an entire buffet on a tea saucer. As I slowly cross to do items off my list, the slots get filled in with more tasks to accomplish.

I am sorry to sound the slightest bit of a complaining moaner. I do truly mean to simply vent on this forum.

Happiness, for me, is found in the things that inspire me. My family, art, the work of my predecessors these are the charms in my life that persuade me to prevail. I challenge myself to achieve not only to better myself, but to better enrich the lives of my readers. For this, I press forward.

The vast amount of work that seems to daunt my day will soon pass, giving way to a more open time during which I can concentrate on my art and writing. For now, I must draw from the chaos that is my career and allow it to feed future endeavors. To note the tumult and din of the happenings in my life in order to feed the fires of inspiration will be my new goal. Grasping at the dust shooting past me like particles in a beam of light, I will heave my net into the mass and glean from it what information will cause my stories to flourish and my art to shine.

Thank you, Dearest Readers, for your patience as I vent and regroup during the storm of activity I am placed in. I sometimes need to recall the blessing that is my career as it allows me to create and enjoy my daily work instead of trudge through menial tasks and profit-seeking banality that once beset me. For now, I will finish the days set before me and return in a short while to my artistic loves.

Yours in Art,



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