Punk: Effecting social change by protesting with your very lifestyle.

What is the biggest issue infecting the society around us: planned obsolescence. The rapidity of change in technology and the need of everyone to have the latest, shiniest, fastest toy on the market is overwhelming. To top it off, entertainment is our biggest growth industry. Not the solid entertainment of culture like theatre, art, or even film. The biggest new thing is the escapism of the computer.

For decades, we’ve been warned that our youth have had their brains warped and fried by these screens. From the onset of the television to today’s instant gratification motivated society. If the computer doesn’t react instantaneously, we become upset and even enraged. I have fallen into this trap many times myself. Just this morning, I was praying, actually calling upon a supreme being to heal my computer so that I could continue with my life. My work, my art, my pictures of life, my very memory and creativity is reliant upon this conglomeration of plastic and circuits.

I find this slightly disturbing. The virtual instant world is our reality more than the tangible. So how do we change it? Embrace it and alter it. Modify the world around us to be handcrafted and beautiful, not disposable. This is a tenant of the art of steampunk.

I am proud to embrace this philosophy of altering our need for the fast-paced with the beauty of finery and craftsmanship. The fact that I am able to reach a wider world with this is enriching. That you, Dearest Readers, may take a portion of my diatribe as worthwhile makes technology viable and useful rather than disposable. Let us all not get so use to throwing things away here in America and other civilized nations, lest we throw ourselves and our culture away.

One Response to “Disposability is the planned obsolescence of people”

  • Mary (Mame) Wood:

    I agree with you this is a problem today. Which is why I raised my kids and foster kids on a farm. Food does not come from the store, someone had to build the house you live in, sew your clothes, harvest and cook your food, no one OWES you what you need to live, let me show you how it is done.
    Having said that, computer/technical skills ARE important in today’s society, especially if you want to thrive rather than just survive.
    However,our imaginations and creativity are the most valuable tools/talents we possess. Tools only work if they are used, talents if they are honed.
    Steampunk is a wonderful and enjoyable way to use our creativity and imagination. Who knows what great ideas might arise.
    Full steam ahead, and let us be magnificent!

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