Well, here we are, Dearest Readers,

The path to book two is fraught with bumps and curves. The blocks have been frequent, the distractions aplenty and the motivation there but untimely. That being said, I am 24,000 words in and the story keeps getting better. Chapter 1 – 12 have now made me realize just how different characters can be. I started this series with a contemplative young man attempting to define his world. That sensibility worked so well for a first narrator. He gave us the description of where we were and why with an introspective nuance that left me wondering about details but not missing them because he gave us what he noticed.

For this novel, I’ve changed narrators. Jules will be our guide into the next portion of the adventure. There’s more action and travel in this second of three novels in the series. Jule’s perspective on the word is thoroughly explored and his very straightforward take on society is evident. There are more twists and turns by far in this novel as we follow the pursuit of truth about fairykind on a whole new level.

It seems that the Harcos were just the tip of the glacier. Without spoiling it for you, suffice to say, there is much more to this earth and her inhabitants than simply growing on it, certain species have not adapted, but assimilated to the earth herself. There are forces at work on this planet we can only dream of. Things that connect us we cannot perceive. Someone can perceive, manipulate and utilize in unimaginable ways the natural forces around them.

It’s not magic, it’s biology, physics, geology, and chemistry that allow for the seemingly miraculous things around us. Take for instance how mystifying our world still is to us. There is so much in the ground itself that we cannot comprehend. Many have assumed, theorized, even attempted to discern the inner workings of her. She, this fabulous orb that spawned our race and the race of fairy, has yet to in our own age, be tapped to a fraction of her potential. In this story, we will see how it was tapped, used, improved, and made to create wonders within itself.

I won’t say that the book is remotely an environmental statement. The central theme is more of the same from the first book, “What humans do not, can not, or refuse to understand, we will attempt to control. Our fear drives us to pretend that we are in charge of this planet. It allows us the definitive justification that we can destroy at will because what we create in the aftermath of destruction must be better than the earth itself could have done.” This quote from the new novel reemphasizes the point of questioning human supremacy and brings about the possibility of our own flaws that we have discovered through our own scientific might.

The element of steampunk that resides subtly in the novels is my way of bringing about the realization that Victorian craftsmanship and sensitivity to art as functional should be explored. The novel takes place in a fictitious world that may be running in parallel to ours on some other dimensional plane. That does not negate the fact that we should really take a good long hard look at how we handle technology, particularly in America, as a disposable thing. It makes little sense that we should ignore our own shortsightedness toward craftsmanship and art as vital parts to a higher cultured society.

I do hope to keep you all updated as to the progress of the novel and even the third as I go forward. Keep visiting the blog for more updates and commentary from my little world to yours.

Yours in Art,


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