There is an attitude only present on Fridays. It’s palpable when you walk the streets in a college city. The students look rushed and excited waiting for the end of the day to begin frivolity and fun. I am not so looking forward to tonight. All I have is Jules and the staff of the house. He tells me there’s something brewing on the Brown campus this evening to welcome Freshmen and I’m thinking I may go just to get out.

But, I have this feeling in my bones that if I go, I’ll have to answer that horrible question I hear so often, “Anstruther? Not THE Anstruther?” Damn him. I can’t even get away from it because its in my head. My own fear is crippling my ability to even be social. Every class has started with the calling of role and I have managed to stop most teachers by answering “Present” loudly before my name is finished being called. So far, I’ve gone unnoticed.

I don’t know if I want to stay unnoticed. Getting a new start meant escaping from father’s legacy, leaving the name behind. Perhaps I should go with Jules tonight. Try and define who I am as a man rather than let the world define me based on my father.

I sound more like a philosophy student than an artist. I’ll try it tonight and hope for the best. The worst that could happen, I’ve already lived through for years now.

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