Fairy eyes

I know that there has been speculation toward fairies having souls. Just like the old adage, “All dogs go to Heaven.” Do these creatures really go on and have a soul? I don’t believe in a higher power in the first place. That makes this whole issue not necessarily a moot point, but rather an interesting speculation. I’m sitting in life drawing working on more details of my male fairy in the cage. It looks at me almost with contemplation, but I know the biology of the creature. Its eyes are that of a spider’s cold and just a pupil. How and what they see is the stuff of legend and myth. A thousand horror stories are penned with those eyes staring into the dreams of the unsuspecting victim.

So, do these things feel and see like us? The cognitive ability isn’t there, the familial instinct is barely there, they don’t even bare their young like mammals, but lay eggs in the soil to gestate with earth as mother and dirt as nurse maid. It is unfathomable to me how humanity could be in such a state over these small things and yet, I am part of it. Even thinking beyond the scientific fact that I have had pummeled into my head for my lifetime, I can only stare back at the eyes of this insect and wonder absurdly… What is it thinking?

Perhaps I’m being a bit too philosophical. I always seem to get this way just before my birthday. This year, it’s a little bit worse it seems. So many changes, so many upheavals in my life. And now, my birthday falls on Friday the 13th. I am by no means superstitious, but this just smacks of some sort of omen.

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